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Adapting a coding style

Oftern developers are made to work on existing code and adapt to that code’s benchmarks. This can create issues when the developer’s coding style is different than the code he is going to work on. Additionally, using SVN or GIT… Continue Reading →

Using SOLID philosophy in PHP

The current PHP world has been infused with lots of MVC frameworks like Zend framework, Codeigniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, YII and many more. PHP developers are able to choose any of these or others as per their coding style or… Continue Reading →

Using Version Control for your projects

Even after more than 10-12 years of existence, Version Control is still not being religiously used by all software companies. Wherever there is a project involving multiple developers, its always advisable to use some kind of version control system like… Continue Reading →

JS and CSS minification

What is all the fuss about Javascript and CSS minification?? Why is it that important?? Well, its indeed important to optimize your JS and CSS code in order to avoid facing load time or design issues. So here Optimization means… Continue Reading →

Using Composer for PHP development

Composer as the name sounds, adds flavour to your PHP development by enabling you to handpick the best components from different frameworks. Imagine a scenario where you can combine and use the best elements from different frameworks and come up… Continue Reading →

PHP 7 is out

Finally the much awaited PHP 7 has been released. Lets hope this brings in a new lease of interest in the PHP Community. Click here for more details:

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